Branding is an essential tool in business development – Rashida Saani

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  • Mar 12, 2024
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The Chief Executive Officer of I-Zar Group has described branding as a key tool in the development of a successful business today.

Rashida Saani in an address to participants of the recently launched Zongo Skills Project highlighted the need for enterprising youth to pay particular attention to their personal brands since it had the tendency to affect their businesses. She said branding remains the first point of attraction for any business regardless of the essential nature of the service.

“The future of business is branding and every young person who wants to start a business must take branding seriously,” she stated.

Rashida further stated that an opportunity such as the Zongo Skills Project was one likely to help many without the requisite skills for today’s job market to harness their potential and ready themselves for potential jobs in the future.

“Don’t leave your life in the hands of politicians and leaders. Take charge of your life and change the narrative,” she said.

She added that some Zongo youth, are sometimes cowed into programs they do not have interest in, making the skills they acquire useless.

“Do not be cowed into programs you do not have interest in. Be decisive and take charge of your life,” she said.

The Zongo Skill Project is an initiative by the Institute of Youth Development with support from the Ministry for Inner Cities and Zongo Development.