An urban music radio station and the ultimate source of captivating entertainment and insightful information.

Within a short period of operation, Radio Xtra 89.7 MHz has witnessed a meteoric rise to the peak, tall among its peers and most preferred in its operational area of the Northern Region of Ghana.

With a world-class facility and top-notch professionals in the industry, Radio Xtra 89.7 MHz is the go-to radio station that connects, engages, and uplifts the vibrant communities of the north.

Top-quality programming, large and diverse audience hooked onto the dial through digital online streaming platform options.

Showcasing the immense talents, from emerging musicians, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Providing a platform for local talents to shine, fostering a sense of pride and unity.

Our corporate values, passion and social drive compel us to promote education, health and social initiatives, raise awareness about imperative causes and support community projects to help develop the region.

Radio Xtra’s influence lies in an unwavering dedication to the delivery of cutting-edge urban music, captivating a predominantly youthful audience that forms the lifeblood of the Northern Region’s population.

We dominate the airwaves because:

  •  We play the best urban soundtracks.
  •  We have an audience that lives and breathes Radio Xtra.
  •  We have tailored advertising brilliance.
  •  We provide measurable impact.
  •  We have the most engaging and informative shows.


Radio Xtra 89.7MHz… Relish the beat!!!