First of its kind, RAWW Limited has under its belt, an ultra-modern shea butter processing factory in Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana.

The I-ZAR Group established RAWW Limited as a social enterprise to offer skills training on shea butter processing for value addition.

Shea butter is one of the leading agriculture produce of high value, predominantly found in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Due to the potential of shea, ‘RAWW’ was established as a social venture aimed at training the youth and women of the area on how to process shea-butter into finished products such as skin- and hair products for local and international markets.

The value chain of shea butter is imperative in direct and indirect job creation, boosting economic activities of participating communities for enhanced livelyhood.

Harnessing local market opportunities

Export avenues to maximise the potential of shea butter products beyond the shores of Ghana.

‘RAWW’ Relevance:

* Youth and national development through skills aquisition
* Job creation/entrepreneurship
* Production of high-quality exportable goods
* Capacity building
* Wealth creation